The Technology


The Web Charisma - UI & UX

UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) dominate, among other parameters of web designing and web development these days, as visitor engagement plays the prime role. At, Aristo Creative Technologies, due attention is given in hand picking the effects – so that they do not overdo; quickly loading – so that the visitor does not move away (a deterring factor for Google - and it counts this as bounce rate, concomitantly ranking the website low); and, easy - self explanatory interface for quicker visitor interaction - aiding online business activities. Html5, CSS3, JS, JQuery and Ajax are deployed to effectively execute the UI & UX.


Device Scalability - Google friendliness

Mobile first approach aided by the twitter Bootstrap CSS framework – as the Google wants it – is what is adopted by Aristo Creative Technologies. The advent of Newer devices to reach the internet, also warrants the adaptation of websites to all available devices like smaller Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Smart TVs.

While deploying device and fonts scalability (without sparing readability in smaller devices) are also taken care off at Aristo Creative Technologies.


Speed & Performance

Minifying methods and CloudFlare CDN are deployed to achieve this, other than engaging web optimized images.


The Heart - PHP & MySQL

Aristo Creative Technologies in-house CMS (Content Management System), Online Shopping Cart, Matrimonial Portals and Web application are developed on Core PHP7 with OOPs concept (Object Oriented Programming) and MySQLi database structure – with which most of the world’s common man portals are built with.