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Mobile freindly websites... what the Google & Users love most!

The advent of affordable Android mobiles and Tablet PCs has rewritten the user behavior pattern. More than 50% of the internet is browsed via these new comers, eventually increasing the need for a more comfortable website viewing experience for the mobile users. The new technology, with the coming of HTML5 and CSS3, has helped website designer community to pop-up with Mobile adaptive web designing, or technically, Responsive web designing to the foray.

By Mobile adaptive web designing (Responsive web designing), the design adjusts itself, after sensing the device its being viewed in, according to that respective screen size, and changes the way it presents the content, lashing away the need to scroll side-ways.


Why a ‘Mobile friendly’ Website

The first reason being it is ‘Google friendly’. Already Google is penalizing the fixed type websites by designating mobile adaptive websites as ‘Mobile friendly’ in its mobile search results, and, ranking them first to show up in the search results. So, if you want to be found, you will have to be ‘Mobile friendly’

Secondly, it is crucial to have a ‘Mobile friendly’ website, as most browsing - whether search for product, services or info – happens in smart phones & tablets. So, if you do not want to be left behind from your peers, you got to have a ‘Mobile friendly’' website. It is where online is happening.

Manage your web.... from anywhere.... anytime...!

You can Add, Update & Delete Text, Images; and New Web pages

You do not need any Tech Skills other than the basic knowledge of computer operations, and, ofcourse, a system loaded with a valid anti-virus software (we recommend K7 antivirus)

Swift & Simple - takes less time & lesser pain to make the changes that you wanted your website to show up

Affordable - comparing the contagious expenses on website maintenance.... and still not able to get what you want... when you want it most...


Advantages of a (CMS) Self Manageable website

CMS (Content Management System), as the name suggests, manages the content of your website. Add / change / edit the content. And one thing for which CMS has remained a blessing that, one need not to be a tech-savvy or a professional, to be able to handle and manage CMS. Even if you are not, your designer designs the website for you, and you manage the content then. Now, there are enough CMS software available in the market such as, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo, Joomla! and many others.

With customer's feedback, and, our expertise we have comeout with a user-friendly in-house developed CMS, which is responsive too We have kneaded out the difficulties a common man could come across in handling a CMS. Plus, we have kept away the often stumbled at customer's 'unhappiness' of 'Hacking' & 'Version upgrades' of the 'well-known' CMSes 


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