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Store Front Features


Responsive UI theme in Twitter Bootstrap

Aesthetic design, apt infographics, user & mobile friendly UI theming woe the shopper to go further into the store and explore the products. We deploy the uptrend UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) themes to engage the shopper every moment he/she is in the online store. Mobile, Tablet PC, Laptop, Desktop and large format adaptability makes your Online Store available to both Android and iOS users


Product Classification & Structure

Unlimited categories, sub-categories (2-tier) and super sub-categories (3-tier) to accommodate every product that you intend to show case.


Filtered Search

To filter the search of products by price range and attributes (like size, color, make, model, brand, packing, merchant and so on.


Social Login

Different logging in options like facebook, google and guest - other than the routine registered login.



Where the shopper can add money and pass on the login info to spouse or friend or relative to make a purchase of their wish.


Gift Voucher

This facilitates the shopper to gift his/her beloved ones with a voucher. The shopper can buy a gift voucher denomination of his/her selection and gift it to anyone else by just entering their email ID and phone numbers. The reciepient can redeem the voucher (which would have a code to redeem), when purchasing the products/service from the store.


Product Showcase

Zooming/Panning of the product image (with three additional product image options) -makes the shopper to have close view of the product

Detailed product description

Variants - like size, colour, shape etc., to select before ordering

Gift Wrapping

Wait list - this option will display only when the product in out of stock, and helps shopper to express the interest in the product, and needs to get intimated while in stock, Via email and SMS

Wish list - the shopper can click on this option in the product page, expressing a wish to get intimations on offers/deals n the product via email and SMS

Social media sharing - sharing the product on social websites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest and others

Option for showcasing a video on the product

Post a query to the support team

Related products ('you may also like this' or 'People who bought this product, also bought these…' kind of a section) – A section which would display - in the same product page - ancillary or complementary products to the viewing product (e.g. Pillow covers in the product 'pillow')

From the same merchant/brand – This section would display all the products of the merchant/brand -more apt for multi brand retail and multi-vendor systems

Similar Products – All other products belonging to the same sub-category will be displayed here

Deals & offers – Deals, combos and offers pertaining to the product in view. This would function as an up selling tool


Shopper’s My Account Window

A facility for the registered shopper, where the shopper can check on the purchases made (history), order status, eWallets, Gift vouchers, Discount coupons from the store, Wish list and Wait listed products.


Product Promo Panel

Image slides – time controlled image slider slots to display featured / offer / on sale / new / hot seller / top seller product images. The product images are linked to land in the respective product pages.This would assist in upselling a product at different arenas, at different price tags.

Welcome pop-up – Is a pop-up while any shopper enters the site. A promo or ad can be placed here, the name, mail ID and phone number of the shopper can be harvested here and stored in the database for follow up. But Google does not prefer this.


Online Payment Gateway

CCAvenue, PayUBiz, PayUMoney, EBS & Paypal can be incorporated, to receive payments from shopper’s Credit card, Debit card (all Visa, Master, Diners Club, Meastro, American express, JCB) Net Banking, ITZ cashcards can be accepted online


Email & SMS Alerts

When a shopper makes a purchase online, alerts are triggered to both shopper & store owner. (SMS is optional with an unique sender ID - ex: ACTWEB. Chargeable @ 7500 one-time)

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