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Shopping Cart Addons


Staff Role Manager (Additional 15,000)

This module will help the store owner to allocate areas of the admin panel to be managed by a particular staff. The date, time and staff name will be updated as a log for all the activities on the portal admin that the particular staff carries out, which can be viewed by the stores owner at any point of time.


Support Ticket Manager (Additional 15,000)

This module will help the support team to effectively handle the support queries from customers, online itself, by a ticketing system


Referral Points or Multi-level Networking Points (Additional charges - after discussion)

This app will provide points on joining, referring, for purchasing, for the referred person’s purchase and so on, as per the way you visualise the cash backs, which will be added to the shopper’s account as Bonus / Reward points. The Shopper can redeem these points at the time of making payment.

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